How To Set Custom Metadata (meta title and meta description) on the Shopify Home Page
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Setting metadata for your Shopify home page can be different from those standard pages or product pages.

Today, I’m going to show you how to add them to your home page.

“SEO META in 1 CLICK” Chrome Extension

For this example, we are using the “SEO META in 1 CLICK” chrome extension.
This extension will help us identify the current meta title and description set on the page.

Here we are on the home page. When I click on the extension, it should show us the details or summary of the page’s technical SEO.

Right now, it shows the site name as the title and no description.

Setup Custom Meta Title and Meta Description

To set it up, go to your Shopify store dashboard.

Click on the online store.
And On the preferences tab, you will see the fields for Home Title and meta description.
Let’s add our custom meta title and meta description here.

Now we are done adding, let’s check the home page.
Click on the SEO extension. We have successfully added it.

To check it further, let’s visit the catalog or other page’s metadata. It should only take effect on the home page.


Image credit: Developers doing discussion about wireframe Illustration by Pablo Stanley